Torah and Tidbits: Yom HaShoa

Torah and Tidbits from Rabbi Elie Spitz

This week there are some opportunities to learn, memorialize, and create memories:
Wednesday: Sweet Sleep: Jewish and Contemporary Views and Aides.

For the last six months I have focused my attention on research and writing on sleep, an ongoing fascination of mine. Here are some examples of topics that I will address:

  •   While we sleep the brain is as busy as when we are awake- what is it doing?
  •   When sleep deprived, why do week seek munchies?
  •   What sense should we make of dreams?- What insight did Carl Jung quote from the Talmud in that regard and how did his approach differ from Freud’s?

Please join me for Fereshta’s gourmet pizza and three sessions on a topic of foundational importance for all of us.

Yom HaShoa candles– This Wednesday night is Yom HaShoa, when the growing custom is to light a yahrzeit candle. Our Men’s Club makes such candles available to us. Please come to synagogue and pick up a Yom Hashoa candle from our lobby.

Chapman University has an annual Yom HaShoa memorial event. I attend most years as a way both to honor our collective, Jewish memory and to do so as an extended community. Please join Professor Marilyn Harran and others this Tuesday at 7pm at Memorial Hall for what will be a moving event. For more information please go to