Torah: Parashat Kedoshim

Torah: Parashat Kedoshim. The Torah reading begins: “Holy you shall be, for holy am I, the Ever-Present-One (YHVH), your God” (Leviticus 19:1). Holy goes beyond good. Holiness requires viewing the world  “as if” the caring Parent of the whole of creation. The verses of Kedoshim bring that lofty concept into daily life. I share below verses of chapter nineteen that end “for I am the Ever-Present-One (YHVH), your God.”  This seven-fold refrain adds emphasis and reminds, “I, your God, am watching.”

3. Awe for parents and keeping the Sabbath;
4. Valuing false gods [devaluing what is of supreme importance];
9. Leaving the corners of the fields and fallen crops for the poor and stranger;
12. Desecrating God’s name by using it to swear falsely;
14. Cursing [even] the deaf or placing a stumbling block before the [morally] blind;
16. Standing idly by when your neighbor’s life is in danger;
18. “You must love your neighbor as [you love] yourself.”

Reflection for your Shabbat table: Restate one of those commands with a contemporary example of its application. Why is it a necessary act of holiness?
Nature Photos: Shabbat beckons us to appreciate creation. Please consider looking at these gorgeous photos for enjoyment and to consider travel destinations (my gratitude to Mark Randall for having shared the link):