Torah: Devarim

Torah: Devarim- Moses begged off at the Burning Bush as lacking a facility for speech. In this the fifth book of the Five Books of Moses, Moses speaks and speaks. His orations are composed of three major addresses, a closing song, and farewell blessings. The rabbis, who are teachers, give Moses their highest accolade by calling him, Moshe Rabbenu, Moses our teacher. He is a model teacher by more than what he said, but what he did. He learned to overcome his weakness in order to meet the needs of the people. His words impacted on them not just during the conquest of the Promised Land, but down to our own day where Moses’ words echo, challenge, and uplift.

Tidbits: Consider watching this two-minute video on “the history of the world” composed by Joe Bush, a 17-year-old fulfilling a school project. I shared it with my family and Joey messaged, “scary.” I asked, “Why?” He replied: “It’s a reminder that the most important issue of my lifetime is the environment/planet. Ego and selfishness might lead to its destruction. We cannot take for granted the gifts of sustenance we have been given.”