Hanukkah: Blessings, Songs, and More!

On Hanukkah we identify with our distinctive history as a people and celebrate the gift of religious freedom.  May the glow of the candles prompt blessing, gratitude, and song.

On behalf of CBI, wishes to you of a Happy Hanukkah.

Your rabbi,  Elie Spitz

Light the first Hanukkah candle the evening of December 24th.
Second Candle – December 25
Third Candle – December 26
Fourth Candle – December 27
Fifth Candle – December 28
Sixth Candle – December 29
Seventh Candle – December 30
Eighth Candle – December 31

Click below to hear Rabbi Spitz chant the Hanukkah Blessings.

Click here for a pdf version of the Hanukkah blessings.



The candles are placed in the menorah from right to left (just as Hebrew is written from right to left), but are lit from left to right. The shammash candle is always the first one lit, and is used to light the others, starting with the left-most one. (Think of it as lighting the candle representing the newest night first.)



Hanukkah Songs!

Listen to Hanukkah songs recorded by Carl Cedar and use the lyrics to sing along!

Scroll down to see the lyrics and sing along!


 Oh Chanukah!

Oh Chanukah, Oh Chanukah, Come light the menorah.
Let’s have a party, we’ll all dance the horah!
Gather ‘round the table, we’ll give you treat,
Dreidls to play with and latkes to eat.
And while we are playing, the candles are burning low.
One for each night, they shed a sweet light, to remind us of days long ago! (repeat)



I have a little dreidl, I made it out of clay.
And when it’s dry and ready, then dreidl I shall play.
Oh, dreidl, dreidl, dreidl, I made it out of clay.
Oh, dreidl, dreidl, dreidl, now dreidl I shall play.

It has a lovely body, with legs so short and thin,
And when it is all tired, it drops and then I win!
Oh, dreidl, dreidl, dreidl, I made it out of clay.
Oh, dreidl, dreidl, dreidl, now dreidl I shall play.

My dreidl’s always playful, it loves to dance and spin.
A happy game of dreidl, come play now let’s begin
Oh, dreidl, dreidl, dreidl, I made it out of clay.
Oh, dreidl, dreidl, dreidl, now dreidl I shall play.



Chanukah, Chanukah, chag yahfeh kol kach
Or chaviv, misaviv
Gil l’yelled rach.
Chanukah, Chanukah, s’vivon sov sov,
Sov, sov, sov, sov, sov, sov,
Mah nahyim vahtov!

Chanukah, Chanukah, happy holiday.
Candlelight, candle bright
Children laugh and play.
Chanukah, Chanukah, spin my dreidl fall.
Turn and spin, let me win,
Happy time for all!



S’vivon, sov, sov, sov, Chanukah hu chag tov.
Chanukah, hu chag tov, s’vivon, sov, sov, sov.
Chag simcha hu la’ahm, ness, gadol, hayah, sham.
Ness, gadol, hayah, sham, chag simcha hu la’ahm.

Spin my dreidl, dance and turn, on Chanukah when candles burn,
Chanukah, when candles burn, spin my dreidl, dance and turn.
A holiday to sing and share, a wondrous miracle happened there.
A wondrous miracle happened there, a holiday to sing and share.

Mi Y’malel

Mi y’malel g’vurot Yisrael otan mi yimneh,
Hein b’chol dor, yakum hagibor, goael ha’am.
Sh’ma! Ba’yamim hahem bazman hazeh,
Macabee moshiah ufodeh.
Uvyameinu kol am Yisrael Yitached yahkum v’yiga’el.

Who can retell the things that befell us? Who can count them?
In every age a hero or sage came to our aid.
Hark! In Israel’s ancient land in days of yore, Brave Macabees the temple did restore.
But now all Israel must as one arise, Redeem itself through deed and sacrifice.

Maoz Tzur: Rock of Ages

Maoz tzur y’shuahti, L’chah na’eh l’shabeiach
Tikon bet t’filati, v’shahm todah n’zabeiach.
L’yet tachin matbeiach, mitzar ham’nahbeiach.
Az egmor b’shir mizmor, Chanukah hamizbeiach. (repeat)

Rock of Ages let our song, praise Your saving power.
You, amidst the raging foes, were our sheltering tower.
Furious, they assailed us, but Your arm availed us.
And Your word, broke their sword, as our own strength failed us. (repeat)


 Al HaNisim

Al ha nisim, v’al ha purkan, v’al ha g’vurot, v’al ha t’shu’ot
V’al ha milchamot sheh-a-sitah lavoteinu
Bayamim ha heim bazmahn ha-zeh

(We give thanks) for the miracles, for the times You saved us, for the mighty acts,
for the victories and for the battles You waged for our ancestors,
in those days, at this time.

Happy Hanukkah from all of us at CBI!

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