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Come and listen to my teacher and friend, Avraham Infeld

I love listening to Avraham Infeld, because he is entertaining and wise. He is a patriarch of our Jewish community. His achievements are enormous: Hillel International, which he directed for ten years; Birthright of which he co-wrote the master plan and was its first director; and now Tikkun Olam Makers (TOM), a path to uniting … Read More

Sabbatical: Context and gratitude

My friends, This week’s Torah reading describes the Sabbatical year, offering rejuvenation akin to the Sabbath day. Every seventh year,  the Bible commands, the land is to lie fallow (Leviticus 25:2-7; 26:34-35; Exodus 23:10-12). Both the farmer and the land itself would rest. In that light, this coming year is a shared opportunity for renewal … Read More

The Immigration Ban

Dear Friends, I am a child of refugees. With Auschwitz and forced labor behind them, my parents languished for two years in a Displaced Refugee camp in Stuttgart, Germany. Visas were hard to come by. Neither of my parents had a learned skill. Neither had finished high school amidst the disruption of war. Such visas … Read More

Hanukkah: Blessings, Songs, and More!

On Hanukkah we identify with our distinctive history as a people and celebrate the gift of religious freedom.  May the glow of the candles prompt blessing, gratitude, and song. On behalf of CBI, wishes to you of a Happy Hanukkah. Your rabbi,  Elie Spitz Light the first Hanukkah candle the evening of December 24th. Second Candle – … Read More

NYC:2017 Travel Adventure

Please visit this link to register. $1,150.00 per person (if register prior to December 15, 2016) Discounted price of $975 per person for CBI Benefactors and CSP Patrons Join Rabbi Spitz and travel to NYC: CBI and CSP are partnering for an encore trip to New York (May 2-7, 2017). Some highlights of our trip: Opening night … Read More