Psalm a Day Sessions with Rabbi Spitz

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Psalm 1: Happiness Quest
Psalm 2: Royal Struggles
Psalm 3: King David Pursued- By His Own Son!
Psalm 4: Reassurance Before Sleep
Psalm 5: Awaking Anxious Over Words
Psalm 6: Utter Despair
Psalm 7: Defiantly Trusting
Psalm 8: Exalted Partnership
Psalm 9: A Judge Supreme
Psalm 10: Beware the Wicked
Psalm 11: Fly Off to the Hills Like a Bird!
Psalm 12: Smooth Talkers Whom Oppress
Psalm 13: How Much Longer?
Psalm 14: They Would Eat Up My People Like Bread
Psalm 15: Sure-Footed with Integrity
Psalm 16: Shiviti…Always Before Me
Psalm 17: Confident or Vulnerable?
Psalm 18: Soaring Deliverance Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Psalm 19: The Heavens Declare… Uplifting Truth
Psalm 20: Supplication for Aid
Psalm 21: “You/you Are Strong”
Psalm 22: “Eiley, Eiley, Why Have You Abandoned Me?”
Psalm 23: Part 1-“Roundabouts of Justice”   Part 2-“Toward Spiritual Repose”
Psalm 24: Pilgrim’s Chant: “Elevated Gates for the Guide of Glory”
Psalm 25: “Let Me Not Be Ashamed”
Psalm 26: “Judge Me…A Banner of Integrity”
Psalm 27: “Awaken to God’s Nearness”
Psalm 28: “My Artisan Has Heard My Voice!”
Psalm 29: “Vocal Strength Toward Calm”
Psalm 30: “With Healing a Swirling Dance”
Psalm 31: “In Adonai I Trust”
Psalm 32: “Happy: Forgiven and Wiser”
Psalm 33: “God’s Words Are Real Power”
Psalm 34: “Who Is the Person That Desires Life?”
Psalm 35: “Hah, Hah” – Shoah and Mocking Friends
Psalm 36: “Reflections on Rationalizations”
Psalm 37: “Do Not Fret Over the Prosperous Wicked”
Psalm 38: “Painful Gloom of a Pariah”
Psalm 39: “Surely, Life is But a Passing Breath”
Psalm 40: “Testifying to Torah from Within”
Psalm 41: “Reconciliation or Revenge”
Psalm 42: “So Many Questions as My Spirit Thirsts and 43: Let Your Light and Truth Lead Me”
Psalm 44: “Why Do You Hide Your Face?”
Psalm 45: “Ode to a Royal Couple”
Psalm 46: “Let Go…And Know that I am God”
Psalm 47: “Shofar for Divine Coronation”
Psalm 48: “City of Our God”
Psalm 49: “In Splendor Without Understanding”
Psalm 50: “Not for Your Offerings Will I Rebuke You”
Psalm 51: “Was Away My Sins”
Psalm 52: “A Deceitful Tongue…Trusting in Wealth” (But I am like a leafy olive tree in the House of God)
Psalm 53: “Workers of Iniquity Who Eat Up My People”
Psalm 54: “Upon My Enemies, My Eye Has Stared”
Psalm 55: “Who Will Give Me a Wing Like a Dove”
Psalm 56: “Placing Each of my Tears into Your Bottle”
Psalm 57: “An Election Day Psalm”
Psalm 58: ‘The Just…Shall Wash Feet in the Blood of the Wicked”
Psalm 59: “They Howl… and Prowl”
Psalm 60: “You Made Us Drink a Wine of Poison”
Psalm 61: “Enthroned Enduringly Before God”
Psalm 62: “Only Through God is Stillness of My Spirit”
Psalm 63: “My Spirit Thirsts for You”
Psalm 64: “Their Cause of Failure is Their Own Tongue”
Psalm 65: “Your Paths Drip with Rich Abundance”
Psalm 66: “You Have Refined Us As If Refining Silver”
Psalm 67: “May Peoples Give Thanks to You, God”
Psalm 68: “Battles and Revelation”
Psalm 69: “Humiliation Has Broken My Heart”
Psalm 70: “Let Them Turn On Their Heels in Shame”
Psalm 71: “Do Not Fling Me Off in Time of Old Age”
Psalm 72: “Your Righteousness for the King’s Son”
Psalm 73: “For I Envied the Decadent”
Psalm 74: “They Set on Fire Your Holy Place”
Psalm 75: “Do Not Raise Up the Horn”
Psalm 76: “Bring Tribute to the Awesome One”
Psalm 77: “When I Recall God, I Moan”
Psalm 78: “Puzzles Concerning Days of Old”
Psalm 79: “Pour Out Your Rage at the Nations”
Psalm 80: “Restore Us”
Psalm 81: “Blast on the New-Moon Shofar”
Psalm 82: “You Are Divine Beings”
Psalm 83: “Pursue Them with Your Tempest”
Psalm 84: “Happy Are They Who Dwell In Your House”
Psalm 85: “Justice and Peace Have Kissed”
Psalm 86: “There Is None Like You”
Psalm 87: “Loving is Adonai of the Gates of Zion”
Psalm 88: “Your Horrors Destroy Me”
Psalm 89: “A World of Kindness Is Built”
Psalm 90: “A Thousand Years in Your Eye is Like Yesterday”
Psalm 91: “Plague Will Not Come Near Your Tent”
Psalm 92: “Shabbat: It is Good to Give Thanks”
Psalm 93: “Adonai Reigns”
Psalm 94: “El of Vengeances”
Psalm 95: “Let Us Go Sing Joyfully to Adonai”
Psalm 96: “Sing to Adonai a New Song”
Psalm 97: “Light is Sown for the Righteous”
Psalm 98: “Let Mountains Sing Joyfully”
Psalm 99: “Exalt Adonai, Our God”
Psalm 100: “Serve Adonai with Joy”
Psalm 101: “When Will You Come to Me?”
Psalm 102: “Prayer of the Afflicted”
Psalm 103: “Let My Soul Bless Adonai”
Psalm 104: “Who Enwraps with Light”
Psalm 105: “Egypt Rejoiced When They Went Forth”
Psalm 106: “They Angered [God]”
Psalm 107: “Whoever Is Wise Let Observe These Matters”
Psalm 108: “With God We Will Do Valiantly”
Psalm 109: “Curse as His Garb”
Psalm 110: ” YHVH to My Adon”
Psalm 111: “Beginning of Wisdom is Awe of Adonai”
Psalm 112: “Happy is the Person who has Awe of Adonai”
Psalm 113: “From the Refuse Dumps”
Psalm 114: “With Exodus of Israel from Egypt”
Psalm 115: “Their Idols are Silver and Gold”
Psalm 116: “I am Your Servant”
Psalm 117: “Extol [God], All People”
Psalm 118: “Open for Me Gates of Justice”
Psalm 119: “Happy are They With Integrity” Part 1 Part 2
Psalm 120: “I Am Peace”
Psalm 121: “Guardian of Israel”
Psalm 122: “House of Adonai, Let Us Go”
Psalm 123: “Our Eyes are Toward Adonai”
Psalm 124: “If Not for Adonai Who Was for Us”
Psalm 125: “Never Shaken, Forever Settled”
Psalm 126: “Sowed with a Tear, with Joyous Song Shall Reap”
Psalm 127: “If Adonai Does Not Guard a City, in Vain is Vigil”
Psalm 128: ” Happy are All Who Revere Adonai”
Psalm 129: “Upon My Back Plowers Plowed”
Psalm 130: “For with You is Forgiveness”
Psalm 131: “Like a Weaned Child Upon His Mother”
Psalm 132: ” Arise Adonai…You and the Ark”
Psalm 133: “Pleasant is Dwelling of Siblings Also Together”
Psalm 134: “Bless Adonai”
Psalm 135: “Praise, Servant of Adonai”
Psalm 136: ” For Forever is [God’s] Kindness”
Psalm 137: “By the Rivers of Babylon”
Psalm 138: “On the Day I Called, You Answered Me”
Psalm 139: “Examine Me, El, and Know My Heart”
Psalm 140: “Poison of a Spider Beneath Their Lips”
Psalm 141: “Place, Adonai, a Guard for My Mouth”
Psalm 142: “I Pour Out Before God”
Psalm 143: “Teach Me to Do Your Will”
Psalm 144: “Happy the People When Adonai is Their God”
Psalm 145: “Opening Your Hands and Satisfying Every Living Being”
Psalm 146: “Halleluyah! Let My Soul Praise Adonai”
Psalm 147: “Glorify, Jerusalem, Adonai”
Psalm 148: “Let Them Praise the Name of Adonai”
Psalm 149: “Let Israel Rejoice in Its Fashioner”
Psalm 150: ” Let All the Soul Praise Yah”
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Psalm Conversation with Benjamin Segal
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