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“A Summation and My Psalm-like Poem”

What are my favorite Psalms? What is the nature of Psalms? Who wrote them? And how were they edited? What have I learned from sixteen months of learning and teaching Psalms? What has translating them taught me about poetry? To better understand the nature of Psalms and inspired, I have written my first such poem … Read More

Psalm Conversation with Benjamin Segal

Rabbi Benjamin Segal, more than any other commentator, offered me insight into the literary artistry of the Psalms. Please join in a conversation with Rabbi Segal exploring what has drawn him to his in-depth study and what he believes that we as readers will gain from engagement with these ancient poems to God. Rabbi Segal … Read More

Psalm Conversation with Rabbi Martin Cohen

Rabbi Martin Cohen is among the luminaries of the Conservative Movement today. Rabbi of the Shelter Rock Jewish Center in Roslyn, NY for close to twenty years, he has authored many books, including novels and Jewish theology. In my preparation of Psalms, I regularly consulted his book, Our Haven and Our Strength: The Book of Psalms (Aviv Press, … Read More

Shabbat Shalom from Rabbi Spitz in Israel

Dear Friends, Today is day 5 of CBI in Israel. Each day is filled with new experiences, thanks to the creative planning of Arie Katz. Wishes to each of you of a Shabbat Shalom. Elie Many of us attended prayer at the Kotel this morning with Women of the Wall for their monthly service. The … Read More