Psalm 149

Peace is the yearning that repeats in our prayers and is presented at the end of Psalms. Glory of military victory is the promise or prompt in this penultimate Psalm. The first half describes celebration with singing and dance. We are not sure if it is a dance to prepare for war or a celebration of achievement. Likewise, we are unsure in the second half if God is the Warrior or provides the warriors with the ability to wield their “two-edged swords.” Such is the nature of fine poetry, two possible readings that are simultaneously inviting.  What is clear is the trajectory of Psalms guides us to the hope of a time of  justice actualized, enabling enduring security and peace.

Join me for Psalm 149.

Our study is dedicated to Phyllis Abrams, marking the year’s end of mourning for her mother, Anne Glatt (Hannah Miriam), and in gratitude to her service as CBI President.

Psalm 149 on a french parchment from the 13th century