Psalm 90

“To number our days rightly, instruct, and we will acquire a heart of wisdom” (verse 12). Psalm 90 conveys universal wisdom: our days are limited, in contrast to God, and we need to use our time well.

Of the 150 Psalms, only this Psalm is attributed to Moses, with the phrase “man of God.” That phrase occurs in Deuteronomy (33: 1) when describing the great leader toward the end of his life. Echoing that phrase suggests a Psalmist in old age. The request offered is for the immediacy of God’s instruction in drawing closer into a pleasant relationship with God; if not in his own lifetime, then at least in that of his children.

Please join me today at 9:30 for Psalm 90, as we begin the fourth of the five books of Psalms.

Our study this morning is dedicated to Shirley Lowy