Psalm 93

God reigns supreme over the roaring of mighty breakers of the sea; God is enthroned on high. Those themes of our Creator’s enduring reign are conveyed in this short Psalm that is both read each Friday morning and Friday night as the final Psalm of Kabbalat Shabbat. It is also identified as the Psalm to recite for success in a court case. To hear a couple of the verses sung, please consider the recording below by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

The sounds of the Psalm and its repetitions convey the image of ocean breakers. Close readings enable a deeper appreciation for the artistry of the composition and the possibilities of personalizing the words.

We will dedicate our learning to the yahrzeit of Shep Hurwitz and to his son, our beloved prayer-leader, Hal Hurwitz.

A song of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach-Psalm 93:4-5.  Click here to hear the song